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  • A Mercy to Humanity

    A Mercy to Humanity is a truly unique study of the Prophet’s (SAW) biography in which Dr. Aid al-Qarni paints a vivid picture of his noble character, delivering a personal insight into the events of his life. It is an emotional and engaging commentary that includes the author’s thoughts and reflections on the subject. Learn More

  • A Taste of Patience

    This is an autobiography that defines patience as the ability to make the most out of one’s adversity. The writer suffered an accident that paralyzed his body, but also allowed him to unleash his writing talents. He shares the details of his experiences and by doing so is an example of overcoming hardship and transforming bitterness into success. Learn More

  • An Inspired Life: A Biography of Prophet Muhammad

    This is a fascinating glimpse into the life of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), which clarifies his role of Messenger and extols his attributes and personal qualities as a model Muslim. Dr. Abbas Tawfiq has highlighted the essence of the faith through his focus on the behaviour of its Prophet. Learn More

  • Enjoy Your Life

    Enjoy Your Life by Dr. al-Areefi (Al Arifi) is an authentic Islamic book about interpersonal relationships in the light of Seerah (Prophet Muhammad's biography) as well as Dr. al-Arifi's own experiences. This comprehensive guide will help you improve your relationship with others and hence, enjoy life. This Islamic book is a must-have for every home and public library.

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  • The Lost Kingdom

    Written by Amira Ayad, 'The Lost Kingdom' is the story of wild lions who long ago adopted a very different way of life – that of domestic cats. Many of them forgot their history and their great past, until one day, an intelligent and courageous cub named Layth (and his friends), decide to dig up the past and begin to question why their fellow lions behave the way they do. Soon, Layth and his friends have a mystery on their paws!

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  • The Path to Self-Fulfilment

    The Path to Self-Fulfilment seeks to uplift your inner soul and give you the necessary means to live a fulfilling life based upon both the love of Allah and the love and acceptance of the self. Learn More

  • Your Money Matters: The Islamic Approach to Business, Money, and Work

    Can Islam help us manage our money and finance? Yes! This book highlights issues that are important and relevant to Muslims when they engage in tasks related to personal finances, business administration, investment, and work. Readers will find an overview of relevant excerpts from the Qur’an and the authentic Sunnah. Non-Muslims as well can gain valuable insights from this book that should prove useful in today’s multi-cultural business landscapes. Learn More

7 Item(s)

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