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Which positive personality traits are mentioned and advocated through hadiths? This collection of forty hadiths encourages Muslims to be lenient, tolerant, gentle, generous, peaceful, kind, and so on. Author Yahya M. A. Ondigo offers a brief commentary with each hadith and suggests ways to incorporate these morals and principles in our daily life.


The statements and actions of our Prophet Muhammad (blessings and peace be upon him) contain much that we need: rules and advice, reminders, examples, warnings and encouragement. The collection of hadiths in Forty Hadiths on Good Moral Values by Yahya Ondigo contains some of the Prophet’s statements on positive ethics and attributes that all people—Muslims and non-Muslims—should strive to adopt in the way we deal with others; we need to work to incorporate these morals and principles into our daily habits. The author has commented on each hadith, presenting the issue in a way designed to help readers implement what they have learned. He writes: Demonstrating earnest leniency, tolerance and benevolence is the best way for the beauty of Islam to be seen in our own lives with our non-Muslim family members, neighbours, colleagues, workmates, schoolmates and all our fellow human beings that we interact with. Benevolence in whatever actions we undertake is the best form of da‘wah that we can give to another person. This is because our actions speak louder than our words: no matter how much we try to convince people that Muslims are generous, peaceful, tolerant, kind, amicable, charitable, and so on, words alone are not convincing enough. If our moral values and compassion are not reflected in our actions, the words become meaningless.

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