Growing a Beard


In this book, Dr. Gohar Mushtaq elucidates a neglected Sunnah – growing the beard. In a frank and to-the-point style, he presents an all-inclusive analysis of the beard: its historical and religious importance – not only in Islam but also in other faiths – along with its sociological perceptions and biological characteristics. This book is a must-read for Muslim men of all ages.


This book provides a detailed study on the importance of growing the beard in Islam. In the present age, many Muslims are affected by Western imperialism and the media to the extent that they no longer consider the beard to be a symbol of Muslim identity. The author has combined various disciplines in this book: Qur’anic exegesis, sayings of Prophet Muhammad (blessings and peace be upon him), opinions of Islamic jurists, history, social psychology, biology, and comparative religion.

The author’s broad research ranges from the history of the beard among various nations in the past and present to the reasons for the rise of a beardless culture among the Muslims. He delves into the psychological and sociological reasons which have resulted in the negligence of this important Sunnah by many present-day Muslims. To strengthen his case, the author presents scientific research which proves that the beard makes a man appear more attractive, intellectual, honest, and heroic in the eyes of both women as well as other men. A beard ensures attraction, protection, and perfection for men. This book is a must-read for Muslim men of all ages.

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